After the Controversy Benzema Could Be Stripped of the Golden Ball

New 88 will help everyone update new news Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball – This is the opinion of many people after this player’s scandal. This is becoming more and more serious as the French Ministry of the Interior is said to have taken action after this incident. Let’s clarify this issue:

Benzema’s controversy over terrorism-related charges

This is an incident that recently caused a stir in public opinion when Benzema made statements that were said to support Palestine. The player playing for Al Ittihad was accused by a French official of having a close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

This scandal started with the incident that the 35-year-old star of Al Ittihad had a status line that was said to support Palestine on his personal page. Accordingly, he said all his prayers are for the people of Gaza, who are once again the victims of cruel bombings that do not spare even innocent women and children.

After this status line, Benzema faced extremely harsh mixed reactions from everyone. Many people also feel that Benzema does not deserve the Golden Ball achievement – the highest honor he has ever received in his football career. From there, the information about the Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball It is spreading rapidly on the online community.

Challenges await Benzema ahead

After his statement, Benzema faced a huge wave of criticism. Not only football fans, the matter went even further when government officials also took clear actions after this incident. The information Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball or having his citizenship revoked. Cannon is also increasingly spreading across the newspapers.

Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball

With his statements, many people suspect Benzema has close connections with the “muslim brotherhood” organization and supports Palestine in this battle. This is information confirmed by Mr. Gerald Darmanin – French Minister of the Interior. Although no evidence has been provided, with his tweet and that information, people are becoming more and more excited about this news.

After the tweet called on people to support the Palestinian people in their battle with Israel. A French senator – Ms. Valerie Boyer, vice president of the French Conservative Party, spoke about this issue. Accordingly, she recommended that Benzema did not deserve the Golden Ball and recommended that relevant parties take more practical actions.

This was quickly supported by many people, who called on relevant organizations to quickly take away that title. Besides, keywords like Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball are also featured in newspapers around the world.

Benzema is at risk of being stripped of his French citizenship

Don’t just stop at that Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball but many people also began to voice their boycott even more. Ms. Valerie Boyer also added that if what Mr. Gerald Darmanin said is true, then we should implement symbolic punishments first.

One of the next things is to take away the French citizenship of 2022 Golden Ball winner Karim Benzema. She also affirmed that we need to take more practical actions to ensure national security.

Public opinion is talking about Benzema possibly being stripped of the Golden Ball and citizenship

This has met with mixed reactions from many people, especially football fans. Accordingly, people feel that the words of Mr. Gerald Darmanin and Ms. Valerie Boyer are quite subjective because there is no evidence that Benzema had a connection with the Muslim brotherhood.

The other side believes that Benzema deserves those penalties for his speech. They cannot accept a player of French nationality making such brash, politically expletive statements.

The world community and the press maintain a neutral stance on this issue. Many people believe that these are just tongue-in-cheek statements that Benzema made. However, they also have certain doubts about the actions of this 34-year-old player. So what they will do at the present time is silently wait for the next moves.

It could be moves on how Benzema handled this issue or the parties accusing him of providing more practical evidence.

What does the organizer say about Benzema possibly being stripped of the Golden Ball?

Until now, when everything is getting more and more serious with too many related sources and statements. The organizing and awarding agency still chose to remain silent amid the public uproar Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball This. This is considered the right action, before everything becomes clearer, keeping silent during this sensitive time.
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What is Benzema’s move regarding this information?

After the information increasingly developed in a bad direction on social networks. Especially information about work Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball spread all over the newspaper, everyone is still silently waiting for the move of this former Real Madrid player. However, until now, Benzema has not made any statement on the above issue.

According to Le Parisien, Benzema’s personal lawyer is considering taking legal action against the baseless statements of the French Minister of the Interior. The lawyer and Benzema want to sue him for defamation and defamation of the honor and dignity of others. At the same time, the lawyer also wants to sue him for manipulating information while he holds an important position in the French government.

In addition, Karim Benzema also intends to take legal action against Madine Monaro – a right-wing activist writer in France. This is a person who also spread false information about him previously in the media and on social networks.

Accordingly, Monaro has made statements saying that if Benzema writes like that, it means that this player is a Hamas propagandist because Hamas has a strategy to destroy Israel physically as well as destroy Israel with national public opinion. international. So Monaro believes that Benzema is one of the first measures that Hamas used to destroy Israel in the international arena.

Summary of the Benzema scandal that could be stripped of the Golden Ball

Currently, relevant parties have not taken any action regarding the matter Benzema may be stripped of the Golden Ball. However, it can be affirmed that the parties have had extremely clear stances on this issue. However, the Golden Ball awarding agency has not yet had any response on this issue.

However, this action by Benzema is truly unnecessary when the political situation is becoming extremely sensitive. Let’s look forward to the actions of relevant parties around this issue through news at New88 Please!

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