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Raid betting is an attractive esports game, although it has been on the market for a long time, it has just been released by New 88. integrated into your betting system. Thanks to that, it brings extremely satisfying matches and interesting bets for participating members. To know the factors that create the appeal of this game, let’s explore in detail through the article below.

What is Strike Betting?

Raid is a first-person shooter game that has been present in Vietnam for more than a decade. With VTC in operation for over 15 years, CrossFire seems to be nearing its end. However, thanks to strong support from the gaming community, this game continues to exist today.

CrossFire offers a variety of game modes such as individual matches, team matches, ranked matches, and bomb placement. Each mode brings a unique experience to players, with the number of participating members not exceeding 20 people.

Responding to entertainment trends in the technology age, new88 quickly integrated the Raid betting form into its product portfolio. Here, players can watch thrilling matches and participate in attractive bets to receive big rewards.

The system also provides live streaming of international tournaments, bringing members exciting matches. Confrontations between excellent teams not only satisfy viewers but also provide opportunities to learn excellent tactics.

Summary of reasons why new88 Raid betting is attractive to players?

Strike Betting is the perfect combination between the dramatic world of shooting games and the vibrant atmosphere of the betting community. Here are some reasons why this game becomes so attractive to players:

  • CrossFire is one of the popular online shooting games in Vietnam, attracting millions of players. The popularity of the game generates great interest from the betting community.
  • There are many opportunities to win big when betting on CrossFire, especially when players have good knowledge about the team, players, as well as game strategies.
  • CrossFire is not only an entertaining game but also requires tactics and skills from the teams. Betting on these matches provides a challenging and exciting experience.
  • Bookmaker new88 offers many types of Raid betting bets, from winning team bets to map bets, creating diverse flexibility for players.
  • CrossFire events are often live on online platforms, helping players watch and feel more excitement when betting.
  • Participating in the CrossFire community through forums, social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Twitter or new88 betting system,… helps players have more information and strategies to increase their chances of winning.

Detailed steps when betting at the house

CrossFire is one of the unique e-sports games. Steps to participate in Raid betting at reputable bookmaker new88 are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the official homepage of bookmaker new88.
  • Step 2: Step 2: Log in or register for a betting account, the registration process is quick and only takes about 3 minutes.
  • Step 3: Verify your account after registering to receive the welcome promotion, which you can do from both your computer or phone.
  • Step 4: Deposit money into new88 account, you can refer to the deposit instructions on the homepage.
  • Step 5: Access the Esports section on the website’s home page, choose one of the betting halls to join.
  • Step 6: Continue scrolling down to bet on the Raid match you are interested in. Be sure to keep track of your participation time because tournaments will not take place continuously like football.

Some basic betting odds to know in the game

Unlike Dota 2, LOL or CSGO, betting on Raid at bookmaker new88 is quite simple. The matches that bookmakers mainly bet on are from China’s CFPL – home to the largest CrossFire community in the world. Below are some popular CF bets that you can refer to:

  • Winning team bet: Players bet on the team they predict will win in the end and receive a reward according to the house’s odds if the prediction is correct.
  • Full-match handicap bet: Players bet on the stronger or weaker team, the stronger team handicaps the weaker team by a certain odds.
  • Full match over/under bet: Players bet on over (weaker team wins) or under (stronger team wins), with the odds given by the house. If you win an over or under bet, you will receive a reward according to the odds.
  • Map odds 1/2/3 winning team bet: Players bet on the team they predict will win each different game. Each match will use a different map, so it is called a map winner bet.

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Share some experiences to help predict effectively

We will share with you some useful CF betting tips, helping you bet successfully and smoothly.

Priority is given to upper bets in all matches

Game Raid is a first-person shooting game, the gamer’s skills play a very important role. Rarely can a weaker CrossFire team suddenly defeat a stronger opponent. Wealthy teams often focus on recruiting gamers with excellent skills. Therefore, choosing the upper hand in CF matches is a safe choice, especially if you are betting a large amount of capital.

Monitor rate changes throughout the engagement process

After choosing the match you want to bet on, check the odds of different bookmakers. If you see the odds are even, you can bet on the team that is considered stronger. If you see the odds fluctuating, review information about the lineup and map carefully. A good strategy is to allocate capital across many different matches to increase your chances of success.

Maintain a stable psychological state

Before a Raid tournament takes place, there is often a lot of conflicting information. Do your research thoroughly and stand by your decision once you have placed your bet. There may be fake teams to confuse and confuse players, so it is important to be consistent with your decisions.

Understanding the concepts and betting methods of different types of bets

Mastering the odds in Raid betting is an important key for every bettor. This requires a detailed understanding of the team, the players, and the risk level of each match. In this way, players can be more proactive in determining suitable bets to help optimize profits, while improving their betting strategy and increasing their chances of success in this challenging betting playground.


Above is detailed information about the Raid betting game at sports new88. The registration and participation process is very simple, so if you are passionate about this shooting genre, register now. Surely you will experience extremely satisfying battles and learn more strategies from excellent gamers.

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