Digital Detox and the Importance of Unplugging From Technology

Texting friends, checking emails and scrolling social media feeds – your phone may never have been further away than two feet from you! Too much screen time is proven to negatively impact our mental wellbeing; but disconnecting can improve eyesight, sleep patterns and overall quality of life.

Digital detoxing involves intentionally decreasing or discontinuing electronic device usage for a specified amount of time, in order to put more focus on physical activities, interpersonal connections, and meaningful relationships instead of virtual ones that drain your energy. Digital detox can also help break bad habits while developing healthier ones.

Some may choose to disconnect completely for a set period, while others choose to limit social media use or reduce screen time. No matter your goals are, be realistic; for instance if you rely on devices for work purposes it would not be practical to completely cut them out; rather consider switching off plane mode or using the mute button so as to minimize disruption during important meetings or family dinners.

Create tech-free zones in your home or workplace as another way of minimizing digital impact. For instance, make your bedroom a phone-free zone so you can unwind without being distracted by social media feeds and emails, or leave laptops and gaming devices outside the kitchen so conversations with family and friends don’t become distracted by screens.

For those struggling to stay off their phones and other devices, a good way to unplug is setting aside an hour or so before bed for a digital detox. This can help get your brain relaxed before starting to sleep, and may help alleviate eye and back strain from spending too much time hunched over a computer screen.

Vidal notes that when technology begins to interfere with your work, relationships, or mental and physical wellbeing it may be time for a digital detox. Seeking advice from mental health professionals may prove helpful in breaking addiction and changing habits permanently – including uncovering causes behind their dependency as well as developing effective stress management techniques. For many people a digital detox serves as the first step toward getting their lives back before gradually making changes over time.

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