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DIY and Home Improvement Projects Including Gardening and Upcycling

Home improvement projects can be an excellent way to refresh and upgrade your living space, yet remain within your skill level – otherwise they could turn into DIY failures more frequently than successes! However, it is crucial that any DIY venture be tailored specifically to you or risk creating more DIY mistakes than successes.

According to a BJ’s Wholesale Club survey, over four in ten Americans have experienced more DIY failures than successes. Furthermore, it’s essential that you consider the costs associated with purchasing or renting materials and tools before deciding to attempt it yourself or hire professional assistance.

There are plenty of projects you can tackle on your own without spending a fortune or hiring contractors, here are some ideas to get you going:

DIY Feature Wall

Looking to give any room of your house some flair? Make an eye-catching statement with an eye-catching feature wall! DIY feature walls can be made using various materials and techniques – from hanging printed wallpaper to adding bold hues.

Landscaping You might not associate landscaping as an area for home improvements, but according to a Virginia Tech study it can increase the value of your home by up to 12%! This makes landscaping one of the best investments when you are selling.

Upcycling is an enjoyable way to give old items in your home a second life and reduce waste while adding rustic or eclectic charm. Upcycling furniture to garden containers such as old tires can all be upcycled; then filled with soil for plants or vegetables in them!

Decorated Stepping Stones

Do your children love beachcombing for sea glass, rocks, shells and driftwood? Decorative stepping stones can help preserve these treasures as a beautiful decoration for your garden – hanging them from fences is another clever option to make an eye-catching centerpiece of their beach-combed treasures!

Turning a Garbage Can into a Rain Barrel Achieve some charm in your outdoor space at minimal expense while saving money by collecting rainwater to water plants and gardens, all while using what supplies are already at home – this project makes an enjoyable family activity!

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