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How to Commission a Mural

If you want to add something spectacular to your walls, commission a mural. Murals can transform spaces, draw attention away from their surroundings and take you on an imaginary journey into another world. Working closely with an artist and clearly communicating your vision and budget are keys for success; along with asking for timeline updates.

Dependent upon where and how visible your mural will be, local permits or creating a traffic management plan could be required in order to install it successfully. You and your art team must communicate regularly in order to meet all requirements before beginning construction of the mural.

Notably, murals are an investment, particularly if commissioned from an accomplished artist. Most artists charge by the square foot for their services; some even set minimum amounts before working with you. It is best to be open about your budget with them so they can help find an appropriate piece of artwork for you.

Prior to approaching an artist for a quote, it is a good idea to gather wallphotos and style ideas, this will save time. Additionally, knowing the dimensions of the wall allows the artist to provide an accurate estimate.

Once a quote has been accepted, it is in your best interests to sign a contract that details all aspects of the project and protects both parties should any issues arise during or after completion of work. Some artists require deposits or full payments before beginning their projects.

If you need guidance in getting the process going, or don’t know where to start, reaching out to a local art educator could be beneficial in offering more guidance on the process as well as answering any of your questions about it and finding artists suitable for your project.

Queenie enjoys projects that honor or pay homage to an important place or memory for their clients, like marking special dates or turning personal moments into art that others can enjoy. But that doesn’t have to be strictly literal – murals can also go beyond family memories to explore fairytale worlds or something more abstract.

Are you in DC and interested in having a mural painted on your commercial property? Visit MuralsDC! This organization hosts an annual Call for Walls where individuals are encouraged to apply. Once this application period closes, staff reviews each proposed mural before making recommendations to the Visual Arts Committee of the Arts Commission – subcommittee of which VAC falls – which then require City Council approval as Resolutions from VAC need City Council approval too.

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