What is Muay Thai Betting? Instructions for betting on Muay Thai

It is known that Muay Thai betting is a betting subject that, although it has just appeared, has quickly created a very new breeze in the betting market in Vietnam. Today, let’s join together New88sg Learn about this exciting new betting sport.

A few words about Muay Thai

It is known that at present, Muay Thai is a betting sport that is popular with many people at the present time because of its extremely entertaining martial arts fighting style and extremely satisfying blows.

At the bookies New88 You will be able to follow and bet on all matches in tournaments taking place at certain times. You will easily find information about the fighters as well as the competition history between the two teams.

Muay Thai is known to have a variety of odds and each odds are equivalent to different trade rates such as Malay, Hong Kong, European, Indonesian odds, etc.

Some Muay Thai bets

It is known that it is at the bookmaker New88 will present many known Muay Thai betting odds, your task is to choose a reasonable form of bet as well as you must learn carefully about these bets to be able to increase your winning rate.

Moneyline Betting

It is known that with Moneyline betting, you need to analyze and learn carefully about the boxer who will successfully win the championship in the match. In addition, you need to carefully study the information about the match and the performance of the fighter also need to make the most accurate assessment.

Handicap bet on the entire match

It is known that the team that is rated stronger will accept the weaker team at a certain rate given by the bookmaker. You need to clearly evaluate the difference in class of the boxers as well as the bookmaker’s offer. Set a handicap close to the match result.

Muay Thai over/under odds

It is known that it is at the bookmaker New88 will give the total predicted score of the match. You just need to show whether the match result has a total score less (Under) or more (Over) than the total score given by the house. It is known that this is similar to soccer Over/Under betting.

Bet on match parity

This is a very simple type of betting, you just need to predict whether the total score of the Muay Thai match is even or odd and then place a bet. It is known that if you guess the correct result, you will receive a proportional reward New88 Rules: If you are wrong, you will lose the previous bet amount.

Participate in Muay Thai betting at New88 how?

To be able to participate in Muay Thai betting, you just need to follow the extremely simple steps below.
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First, please visit the bookmaker’s website New88 on your device, then click the log in button. If you don’t have an account, you can register an account.

You can then deposit money into your account knowing that you must ensure it is at least equal to the minimum amount set by the house.

In the sports lobby, please select the Muay Thai box to place bets.

Tips for playing Muay Thai betting

You must learn clearly about the boxers about their actual situation as well as their competition history, performance and schedule of the two teams.

Bettors need to have a plan to manage their money for daily betting, which is extremely important. You need to set a limit on the amount of bets because this is how you preserve your capital.

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